Example 1:


A company contacted Toam for help in locating a logistics center in Europe. The company stressed the importance of a tight schedule. Toam used its vast logistics experience and quickly found a suitable logistics solution in central Europe for the company’s needs. Toam assumed the responsibility for the intake of the company’s inventory in the location chosen, took care of packaging and labeling the end products and loaded them onto trucks arranged by Toam for transportation to the list of distribution points provided by the company.

The experience and knowledge built up by Toam and the large variety of services the group provides enabled the company to supply its products to its clients on a tight schedule, to the satisfaction of the company’s management and at low cost.


Example 2:


A gas and oil exploration company contacted Toam for a quick solution to several issues, such as the management of a forward warehouse in Israel and various customs procedures, including the handling of a product exemption request.

Toam’s experience and expertise in the gas and energy field enabled the group to provide the company with a speedy and professional logistics solution that helped the company to progress with its drilling project. In addition, Toam’s customs clearing services resulted in lower overall costs for the project.


Example 3:


Toam was approached by a high-tech company that wanted its products forwarded to destinations in Asia. As a representative of Kerry Logistics, the largest international logistics company in China, Toam was able to leverage its extensive knowledge and connections in Asia and quickly found a suitable warehouse for the company’s products, from which they were marketed distributed throughout Asia.


The fact that Toam Group is the exclusive representative of Kerry Logistics in Israel means that our clients have access to speedy, professional logistics solutions that are tailored to the client’s needs. Toam’s services helped the company’s project achieve its goals – on time and at low cost.



Example 4:


A small company that manufactures automotive components and had no budget to hire an expert purchaser and no access to financing solutions had no choice but to buy raw materials from an Israeli importer. Following a meeting with a Toam supply chain consultant, Toam contacted the raw materials suppliers and began purchasing the raw materials directly from the suppliers abroad. The company saved on middleman charges and its operating profits rose by tens of percentage points.


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