Why choose Toam?

Why choose Toam?

Toam is a group that provides full logistics and financial solutions for import and export projects. Our biggest advantages are our vast experience, financial strength and the unique tools we give our clients, especially in the areas of financing and logistics. These advantages translate into lower ongoing costs for our clients. Toam has a unique computerized system for managing the financing of the supply chain that ensures precisely timed payments to our clients’ suppliers around the world and ensures that products arrive on time.


Experience: Toam’s extensive experience comes from our many years of operation in the import-export field, starting in 1975. Our clients benefit from this experience, which enables us to find solutions to issues that arise during complex processing of projects. In addition, our many years of operation have earned Toam a reputation among companies in Israel and around the world, enabling us to open doors for the group’s clients.


Financial strength and financing to pay suppliers: Unlike other companies, Toam has financial strength based on the group’s equity, which is used for providing the company’s clients with financing support pay their suppliers. The option of obtaining this financing support from the same group that is handling the import and export is exclusive to Toam and provides clients with an additional source of non-banking financing, thus increasing the working capital available to the client.


One-Stop Shop: Toam enables clients to conduct the entire import and export process in one place, in the one-stop shop format. Toam offers a professional solution based on our experiences, for each and every one of the import and export stages, from the initial financing to the customs clearing, the opening of letters of credit, cargo insurance, sea/air/land transportation, finding warehouses to store the products around the world and the many other various components of an import-export project. The group’s experienced staff also provide clients with ongoing consulting throughout all the stages of a project.


Outsourcing and purchasing services: Toam offers this service to clients who allocate a large part of their expense budget to import-export procedures. Toam’s provision of full-range import-export services enables a company to forego assigning its own personnel for this work and essentially outsource the company’s purchasing services. Toam’s management of projects frees up the company’s skilled personnel from other tasks.

At the end of the import-export process, Toam’s services translate into a project with the lowest possible cost, reduced risk and minimal uncertainty throughout the project, as well as the arrival of the products to their destination on schedule and in keeping with the conditions set by the client.


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