Company History

Company History

Toam began operating in 1975 as a company specializing in financing and providing ongoing consulting for farmsteads in the United Kibbutz Movement that were importing raw materials and industrial equipment. Toam, which was owned by the UKM kibbutzim, helped them in a successful “industrial revolution.” Many kibbutzim built factories and needed knowledge and experience in the import and export fields, as well as financing. Most of the kibbutzim were located in outlying areas, making it difficult for them to recruit personnel with expertise in all aspects of the supply chain. In its early years, Toam’s assistance was a major factor in the ability of the kibbutzim to build factories that, over the years, became a mainstay of the kibbutz economy.


Over the years Toam became the largest non-banking financial institution for providing loans for import-export ventures and assisted hundreds of factories.


In the early 2000s the kibbutz movements joined forces and UKM was joined by kibbutzim from the Kibbutz HaArzi movement (kibbutzim founded by the Young Guard youth movement in the middle decades of the twentieth century) and by kibbutzim from the Kibbutz HaDati movement (religious kibbutzim), some of which had begun to use Toam’s services. The changes in the Israeli industry sector in the past few years prompted Toam to examine the possibility of assisting the industrial-scale manufacture of goods in Israel. As service providers for Israeli industry and as an integral part of it, we view our assistance to the factories as a one of our main purposes.


As part of our broad strategic vision and in order to provide our clients with a complete service package for their supply chain, Toam decided to expand its operations into the forwarding and customs clearance fields.


The Toam Group has been joined by TLI – Toam Logistics Ltd., a representative of JF Hillebrand & Kerry Logistics in Israel and TFC - Toam Forwarding & Customs Clearance Ltd. (formerly Raphael Katz & Co. Customs Brokers Ltd.) and its subsidiaries – Sivanit International Forwarding Ltd. and Ad-Gad International Forwarding Ltd.


Any factory or importer whose needs are compatible with Toam’s services can take advantage of our unique knowledge and expertise, which is based on an exclusive Israeli software program that enables us to coordinate between logistics operations and payments to suppliers abroad, including opening letters of credit and financing inventory. We offer our full array of services to traditional and high-tech companies and can provide special financing plans for every aspect of the supply chain.


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